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Congratulations…you are in the right place at the right time. FairShare is about to put the Internet to work for you. Because it is people, you and me, that add real value to the Internet, and FairShare makes certain that value is both recognized and rewarded.

If you like to share pictures, articles, jokes, and your opinions on the Internet, FairShare is for you. Or if you sell things, create content, or make money as an influencer, FairShare is going to be your new best friend.Stick around to explore this site for what suits you best, including becoming a partner in this new movement. FairShare forever changes how you share and earn on the Internet.Welcome to the new Internet Economy. Welcome to FairShare. Start here.

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An Economy Like No Other

Learn about the new revolution in content-driven, community-powered, authentic social commerce. Become a Partner in the most innovative (and most exciting!) business network in the world, and experience the raw combined power of an entrepreneurial tribe. 🔥☀️🚀

A Membership Like No Other

Imagine making money doing what you already love doing… sharing stuff on the internet. When you share your favorite jokes, pictures, articles, or ideas the FairShare way, if someone transacts commercially after engaging with your content, you get a percentage of that sale. There is no selling here in FairShare, just sharing and earning.Let’s get started, join the network, and get your fair share from the Internet!

A Salesforce Like No Other

The Internet was meant to be an open and free market. Remember that? And now, FairShare has made that promise a reality! Whether you are a huge brand or a tiny maker, if you can use more sales for your products and services, get in touch with us immediately.FairShare is the best way to reach out to the world with your message. It puts the world’s most powerful sales tool, word-of-mouth referral, to work for your product. No one sells in FairShare…real people just share content they like. When a sale happens, everyone in that chain of influence is rewarded, building loyalty to your brand.And the mechanics of FairShare are different as well. You only pay your fair share of commissions after you get your money. No upfront fees, no hidden fees. Transparent, real-time, and community-driven, the majority of the commission is paid out to our vast network of influencers, news media companies, creators, artists, celebrities, and all the other fans who will authentically and organically promote you, your brand, and your products and services.And you get all your data with complete transparency so you can get to know your customers! Let’s get started! Fill out this simple form, and we will be in touch to onboard you into the FairShare Internet:

An Income Like No Other

The Internet was meant to be an open economy where everyone could prosper. A far cry from today’s platforms, dominated by Big Tech.But now, FairShare makes it possible to earn 10x to 100x more by leveraging the power of Community Commerce. If you’re an influencer or creator, and want to grow your brand and monetization on the Internet, get in touch immediately!FairShare is different and collaborative, you’ll be welcomed into a global family of entrepreneurs, brands, and investors. You will earn up to 30% and higher from the retail sales of top independent and national brands.No cost to join, you even make 5% of earnings from new members you invite in. Transparent and real-time, you can make passive and active income with FairShare, it really is the return of The Actual Internet!Let’s get started! Fill out this simple form, and we will be in touch to onboard you into the FairShare Internet:

Content Monetization Like No Other

Imagine automatically earning a fair share of revenue from the content you generate. Not just from advertising, but from all those retail sales that your content influences. Transform your content operation into a Retail Media Network with 1-click. Thanks to a little bit of FairShare Internet Magic!Let’s get started! Fill out this simple form, and we will be in touch to onboard you into the FairShare Internet:

A Partnership Like No Other

In the same spirit of FairShare, we’ve created a new type of open and democratic Partnership, we call it the FairShare League. Not only do you get more income thanks to a higher revenue share, but you also own a piece of the entire galaxy of FairShare Networks. Find out more today - and become a card-carrying member, indeed become a FairShare League Partner 🚀